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As @thegirlwithagreatsmile, I am known for amazing large builds such as Strike Freedom Gundam and Pokemon/Monster Hunter mashups that have been featured in cosplay magazines, music videos, and across the social media spectrum. I have also been a cosplay artist exhibitor, guest, and panelist at various conventions. I use cosplay as art therapy for mental and emotional health and wellness, coping with anxiety and flowing with grief, which are all common within the cosplay community. Most importantly I advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion of all cosplayers, especially transgender people and people of color.

(This section is under construction.)

List of Appearances/Features


Cosplay Realm - Gundam Wing - Strike Freedom Gundam - Hawks

Tales of The Fandom Podcast

Cosplay in America Interview

Vegas Unicon 2021

San Diego Comic Con Special Edition 2021

LA Comic Con 2021

Anime Los Angeles 2022

Wondercon 2022 Panels

Fan Expo Dallas

LA Comic Con 2022, 2023

Anime Expo 2022

The Geek Post Interview

Screen Rant - Hela Cosplay Featurette

How to Make Giant Cosplays That Can Fit in a Suitcase

L.A. Comic Con

Panel, December 4, 2021

Filmed by Road To The Con


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