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Music was a big part of my childhood. Growing up in a Christian household, I remember singing in church always gave me joy. I ventured into original music starting with an electro pop group, a girl group doing mostly pop covers, and eventually went on my own as a solo artist. I continue to write and produce new music, embracing my love for pop music.

My song, "Rainbow Pieces" featuring Emmett Preciado, is available on major music platforms including Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud.

My debut single, "Just Turn And Dance" is also available on major music platforms including iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify


featuring Emmett Preciado

Official Music Video. Rainbow Pieces is a romantic pop-ballad, reminiscent of 90’s slow tempo R&B music fused with quirky sensuality. The song celebrates love that comes in many forms and colors, like light refracted through a prism. Like all the colors in a rainbow, love is beautiful and diverse.


Travel to the 90's and back with me!!! PROUD is how I feel about this song! I wanted to tell a story about what some people in the TGNC community go through. We've heard of hate and violence stories but there's also good and happy ones. I really believe in creating safe spaces for everyone especially the BIPOC TGNC and LGB communities. I hope this makes you smile and dance!

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